Dr. Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu, (PhD, AODCC, EODC, CEFE) is specialized in Community and Organisational Development Psychology, Appreciative Leadership, and Medical Sociology in health system strengthening (HSS). He has made a significant contribution to the field of Organisational Development (OD) in Africa through academic and professional curricula development and implementation; a private University in Ghana called College for Community and Organization Development (CCOD). The University seeks to promote and market OD Education and practices in Africa, currently running Professional Certificates in Organisational Development (POD), Advanced Certificate in Organisational Development Certified Consultant (AODCC), Bachelor (BOD) and Master of Science in Organisational Development (MOD). Mr. Benarkuu has consulted to many Corporations, Government Institutions, Religious bodies and Civil Society Organisations widely in Africa and around the globe on effectiveness of workplaces and system improvement: Appreciative Leadership Development, Team Development, Organizational Retreat and System Design, Business and Executive Coaching, Organizational Development Transformation, Talent Management, Cultural Diversity Training, and Motivation and Productivity Interventions. As a Community and Organisational Development Psychology Specialist, he teaches and facilitate transformation in both public and private Universities in Africa. Professionally, Gabriel is a member of the world most influential networks in the field of OD Education; Organization Development Network (ODN), and the Global Institute of Organization Development Network (giodn.org), both in the USA. Mr. Gabriel Gbiel Benarkuu is a graduate from University of Cape Coast, University for Development Studies, Atlantic International University and Central University of Nicaragua. Gabriel is a certified CEFE Trainer from Germany with CEFE International. He is a business Coach, and a Fundraiser for Non-Profit organisations with over 23 years’ experience. …………..Likes sharing of resources in OD Education in Africa, Get involved!