School for Professional Studies

The Premier Technical OD University in Africa, College for Community and Organisation Development (CCOD) facilitates specialized Organisation Development (OD) Professional certification programs to the general public and for advancing OD professionals.

The school further offers OD consultancy services to Organizations, teams and individuals all over the globe facilitating sustainable development, career development and effective process consulting.

We provide competency based skills for all participants in our professional courses and facilitate sustainable growth and efficiency in our clients.

The incorporation of the philosophy of experiential learning in our facilitation, while using proven organizational Development (OD) Client-centered interventions, guarantee our participants and clients absolute sustainability of all our efforts.

CCOD utilizes a set of comprehensive training instruments, concepts, models and approaches integrated with the Action-Research Methodology which is professionally client-centered, action-oriented and results-driven.

The school’s objectives are:

• Facilitate innovative Community Development

• Provide Organization Development (OD) interventions to individuals, team and organisations for sustainable growth and change

• Research for advocacy and sustainable development

• Produce the best and innovative Organization Development Professionals and Consultants

• Advance the skills of Organisational Development professionals

Who should enroll - Requirements

Directors / CEOs, Executive Leaders, Management Personnel, Specialist consultants, Human Resource Managers, Heads of institutions, Politicians and public officials, Entrepreneurs, Persons who have completed foundational OD Program, Change agents, Facilitators, Lecturers, Teachers and Persons who are ready to advance their career as an OD Consultant or Leaders in their respective institutions and communities.

About Our Professional Courses

We currently run both Classroom and Online courses in collaboration with the institute of organization development in Florida, USA (www.instituteod.com), leading to the award of professional certification in the following:

• Organizational Development Certified Professional (ODCP)

• Organizational Development Certified Consultancy (ODCC)

• Advanced Organization Development Certified Consultancy (AODCC) online only

Join us to develop your career in the field of Organization Development. Learn more about OD and enhance your career by practicing and using OD tools, models and strategies that deliver sustainable results.

What you will learn in Our Professional Programmes

• How to contract and negotiate effectively with the client

• Relationship building and how to solve critical business challenges.

• How to use a behavioral science approach to resolve conflicts and challenges in organizations, teams and individuals

• How to influence senior leaders to commit themselves to organizational change and hold others accountable.

• How to use advanced OD tools to analyze and diagnose critical business challenges.

• How to effectively design and facilitate action planning sessions and group meetings

• How to facilitate overcoming resistance to sustainable change in organizations

• How to implement a sustainable systems thinking approach to transfer knowledge to supervisors, managers and leaders

• How to cultivate and develop new Leadership with innovativeness and creativity, greater-influence, confidence and to be a mediation facilitator.

• Ability to think strategically in organization development